Spectra360 Holiday Cards
1020 Builders Holiday Card




All cards will be personalized. After payment, you will receive a design brief with the option to speak to a design rep face-to-face.

You will receive three initial design options with the ability to make up to three rounds of edits.

The final delivery will be two digital downloads: a card for emailing and a card for you to print with a professional printer.

Holiday Cards QR Code $425


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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Rebecca is such a pleasure to work with.

Recently we were facing a very large project with a very tight timeline. By the time Rebecca was handed the project for final edits, she was faced with an extremely aggressive time window to return the documents. She obviously worked thru the night to complete the project and returned a very clean, professional, and thorough product. Her help was very much appreciated.

Paul Cozza, Tech One IT

I have worked with Abask twice - once in 2018, and once in 2022.

Prior to using Abask, I tried to get a logo designed, and "branding" done, using Upwork and Fivver websites. I tried a dozen times, and was always underwhelmed.

After coming to Abask, we could not be more impressed with their work, service, communication and timeliness.

We used Abask for a BRANDING project - they completely handled branding for our company - including research on our industry/sector to look at trends. They have a VERY solid creative process.

The logos they designed for our company were perfect, and honestly changed the course of our company, forever. We finally have more than a name, more than a logo - we have a real brand identity that we love and are passionate about.

Thank you!

Ross - Agile ATS